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Commercial Pools

QUALITY POOLS wants aquatic facilities to be efficient buildings capable of staging competitions in optimum technical conditions and at the same time be capable of multi-purpose programming. QUALITY POOLS will assist in the design of aquatic facilitation so that they can organize events and competitions at different levels in accordance with FINA requirements.

Commercial Pool Estimate


Large public poolEXCAVATIONS:

All excavations will be done by means of a mechanical back-actor or by hand. The removal/stock piling of excavated soil is included in this tender. The soil will be removed with 20m³ Tipper trucks while excavation is in process. This is to avoid stock piling that takes up space.

Soil-removal are included in this price


Sand bag profiling will be done where needed.


  • First Layer: Y 10 bars at 200mm spacing in both directions and tied at each intersection. This steel cage will be spaced 100mm from the outside dimension in the applied concrete.
  • Second Layer: Y 10 bars at 200mm spacing in both directions and tied at each intersection. This steel cage will be spaced 100mm from the inside dimension in the applied concrete.

9 x Y 16 bars forming a box in cradling/pillar beams and ring beam tied every 200mm right around with Y 16 bars extending 1m into steel cage formed. 1m lengths of Y 16 bars as bracing bars will be placed @ 200mm centers where the wall joins the floor.

Three carry beams (500mm x 300mm) will extend through the entire length of the pool and continue into the side walls. Here it will be tied in with the ring beam.

If soil tests reveal the recommendation of expansion joints in the concrete construction,   it will be done according to our engineers design.

Spacers to be placed prior to concrete application. Wedges removed when concrete is applied in the immediate vicinity.

All exit port weirs and bottom suctions and exit port aimflow’s, to be tied into the steel re-enforcing.



End walls shall be vertical, parallel and form 90 degree right angles to the surface of the water. They shall be constructed of a solid non slip surface to enable the competitor to touch and push off in turning without hazard.

A 30 Mpa mixture will be applied per gunite method at average thickness of 200mm in walls and 350mm in coves. Ring beam gunited with same mixture. Mixture will consist of 1 part cement and 4 parts (per volume) double washed river sand. River sand to be free of organic material and to consist of well graded sharp definite shape. Water mixture to be controlled at nozzle point with application.

Application of gunite applied under 8 to 9 bar pressure. Nozzle to be held at 90 degrees to applied surface at 1m distance.

Tiling Process:

Quality Pools makes use of Gail-tech extruded tiles, these tiles have a chemical and a mechanical bond. This ensures that the tiles can’t come loose once they have been laid. It is also the most expensive tile available for under water applications. We make use of a porcelain glue, which is mixed with bonding liquid. There are no water based adhesives used at all.

This method ensures that the tiles stick for a life time.


A 30 Mpa pre-mixed concrete to be placed and vibrated on the floor to a designed thickness of 250mm as per walls above.

All loose material to be scraped from concrete surface and disposed of. Structure to be formed with vertical walls and all corners or curves in 600mm radius.

Arrangements to be made to hose down structure 3 times a day for five days starting after initial setting. All fittings for filtration/reticulation and underwater lights to be fixed to concrete shell. Walls and floors to be leveled and scraped with a straight edge.

CRYPLON fibrillated tape to be added to concrete mix which:

  • Improves impact and abrasion resistance
  • Improves compression strength
  • Increases flexural loading capacity
  • Reduces concrete cracking
  • Reduces sag and improves rheological properties of the fresh mix


A 150mm wide glazes mosaic line to be fixed underneath coping tiles in the center of the water line. Resistant grouting to be applied between mosaic tiles.

 Lane Markings:

Tiled lanes to be placed on floor. Mosaic tumble turn crosses to be installed on both ends of the pool all according to Fina- Standards. These markings shall be of a dark contrasting colour, placed on the floor of the pool in the center of each lane.

Length 21m x 0.2m – ending 2m from each end wall with a distinctive cross line of 1m.

Target lines shall be placed on the end walls forming a cross 0.5m long and 0.3m below the water surface to the floor of the pool.


A bullnose coping tile to be fixed to ringbeam around edge of the pool overlapping into the pool by approximately 20mm on the 25m sides. On the 20.5m sides the copings will be flush with the mosaic tiles to accommodate the touch pads. Coping tile to be fixed with 3:1 mixture and filled in between.



The “ROTATERY” system of reticulation will be used. This consists of skimmer (weir) and directional aimflow’s to be placed in the pool walls creating a “Clockwise” circulation. Main suction drains (4) to be installed in floor. The main floor suction drains to be linked into suction manifold. The main surface skimmer suction line will be circular and open ended into the surface skimmer. The main return line to be linked into distribution directional aimflow’s. All pipes to be setting valve operated. All piping to be class 9 uPVC.

The filtration system is designed to accommodate a heavy load of bathers in heated water conditions. To ensure crystal clear water in any condition, the filtration system is over designed.

Two suction`s will be installed on each side of the pool to accommodate a hand cleaning hose.


To fit requirements


To fit requirements

Touch pads:

Minimum measurements- 2.4m x 0.9m high and thickness 0.01m x 0.002m.

They shall extend 0.3m above and 0.6m below the water surface. They shall be controlled independently. They shall be bright coloured with the correct lane marking beared. They shall be installed in the center of each lane.

The water turbulence shall not interfere with the sensitivity of the panels. The panels shall be sensitive on the top edge.

Touch pads are included in this price.

Lane Ropes:

Lanes shall be at least 2.5m wide. In an 8 lane pool, lane ropes shall extend the full length of the course, secured at each end with anchor brackets into the end walls. The anchor shall be positioned so that the floats at each end wall of the pool shall be on the surface of the water. Each lane rope will consist of floats placed end-to-end having a minimum diameter of 0.10 meter to a maximum of 0.15 meter.

The colour`s of the ropes will be according to FINA standards.


Backstroke Turn Indicators- Flagged ropes shall be suspended across the pool, 1.8m above the water surface, from fixed standards placed 5.0m from each end wall.

False Start Ropes may be suspended across the pool not less than 1.2m above the water level from fixed standards placed 15.0m in front of the starting end.

These indicators are included in the price.

Starting Platforms:

Starting platforms shall be firm and have no spring effect. The height of the platform shall be 0.5m to 0.75m above the water surface. The surface area shall be at least 0.5m x .05m and be of a non-slip material. Maximum slope shall not be more than 10 degrees. Handgrips may be installed for different swimming disciplines. Electronic read-out boards may be installed, no flashing is allowed.

The starting platform must be numbered on all four sides, clearly visible.

Starting platforms are included in this price.

Water Temperature:

Water temperature shall be 25°C- 28°C


Light intensity over the starting platforms and turning ends shall not be less than 600 lux.


Extruded tiles:

-The interior will be white tiles with black lane markers (x 8) and black tumble turn crosses (x 16).

-No maintenance- No painting or plastering, it keeps it beautiful finish for life.

-Strong easy to clean- Save on chemicals, no algae to bread or stay.

-Healthy & Hygienic- No porous plaster, therefore bacteria and infectious germs are retarded.


The electrical installation to be done by our qualified electrician.

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