Quality Pools in Pretoria gives you your dream swimming pool

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Quality Pools in Pretoria gives you your dream swimming pool

What is more relaxing than cooling off in a swimming pool in Pretoria in the middle of the heat of summer?   Spending lazy warm, sunny days visiting with family and friends around the swimming pool is one of the greatest ways to unwind and make happy memories.

Quality Pools in Pretoria can make that dream come true with our wide range of fibre glass swimming pools.  We can design your swimming pool according to your specifications and we are more than willing to help you to create your outdoor living area by turning it into a place of warmth and comfort, so it can add value to your property.


Residential pools


Commercial Pools


Quality Pools has numerous different swimming pool designs including

  • Spa pools
  • Gunite pools
  • Concrete pools
  • Unique depth party pools
  • Fibreglass pools

 Keeping safe around your swimming pool

  • Make sure that you have a gate and fencing around the swimming pool. This way, a small child will have only access to the area if you open the gate and it will ensure that they will not fall in the pool while running in the garden.
  • Pool covers along with the gate and fence just ads to the safety placed around the swimming pool. Always make sure that your pool cover is in good working order.
  • Safety equipment, like rubber rings that you throw to someone in the pool, is a must. You should create a pool safety kit and ensure that it always stay near the pool.  The kit should consist of:
    • A First Aid kit
    • A pair of scissors to cut hair, pool cover or clothing, if needed.
    • A portable phone that is fully charged to call an emergency number.
    • A flotation device.


      Swimming lessons for children

  • A buddy system in swimming pools is a good safety measure, as this allows swimmers to keep an eye on each other.
  • Parents should take up a First Aid course as this will allow them to be able to conduct CPR until paramedics can get to your house when a pool emergency occurs.
  • Teach your children from a young age to swim, as that can ensure their safety. Make sure that they know the basic water safety tips.
  • Never allow young kids to swim without adult supervision. Keep your phone with so you can’t get tempted to answer a ringing phone inside the house, leaving children unsupervised.
  • When you have small children it is beneficial to have an in-the-water pool alarm as that will alert you when someone jumps in the pool.  Also consider installing a surface or underwater alarm.
  • Never cover the pool partially while children are swimming as they can get trapped under it and it is also better to keep the children away from pool drains, pipes etc.
  • Do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not swim during thunderstorms as lightning can strike water and remember that water is a conductor of electricity.
  • Play carefully in the pool as you can hit your head against the pool walls or floors and be seriously hurt.
  • Keep your swimming pool clean at all times. Some small things you can do to keep your pool clean is by not swimming when you are sick, by not tracking dirt from outside into the pool, by bringing food or drinks into the pool, and by using swimming diapers instead of disposable diapers when swimming with small children.
  • Make sure that getting into and out of the pool is easy. And be sure to remove hand rails and ladders when you are not using the pool, if possible, as these can cause injury if you are not careful.

Quality Pools in Pretoria are the best suppliers of swimming pools in the Gauteng area.  We can supply you with high-quality swimming pools in Pretoria, already made, and we can also design and custom make your pool according to your needs. We don’t only design and build swimming pools. We can also give your old swimming the facelift it desperately needs as pool renovations are part of our services.


Swimming Pool Renovations


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