Pool Construction

Pool Construction Johannesburg & Pretoria

At Quality Pools we have the knowledge and drive to install provide you with a quality pool that will give you many years of enjoyment. Our complete range of fibreglass pools is available in all shapes and sizes, giving you the opportunity to choose a pool that is perfect for you. Factors such as the landscape and water features will contribute to your swimming pool being unique.

Installing your swimming pool does not have to be a nightmare, it can be an enjoyable process. The staff at Quality Pools are well trained and qualified to assist in making this project run seamlessly. All factors and details will be discussed and finalized before any construction is started. Communication with our client will be continuous throughout the whole project.

Survey to be conducted before installing the Swimming Pool

Quality Pools does a survey on the property before construction takes place or any details are finalized. During this survey we mainly look at the space available for the project that is discussed and how our equipment can gain access to the area. At the same time we look out for fencing or trees that might be in the way of your pool and we take note of gardening items such as sprinkles as to ensure that they do not get damaged. We require an clear path from the road to the swimming pool area.

Laying of your Swimming Pool Design

Once all the details have been discussed the next process is the lay out of the swimming pool design exactly where the pool is to be installed. This will give you an actual idea as to how the pool will be positioned and laid out on your property and it gives you the chance to see if you are satisfied with the location, shape and size. All details can then be addressed should there be any changes you would like to make.

This is a very important stage as it ensures that everything is in place when the excavation starts and that the process runs smoothly.

Excavation of the Swimming Pool

Once the excavator arrives please ensure that there are no cars blocking the driveway as this will be our access point. This will ensure that there is no delay once the project has started. A Quality Pools project manager will be present once the excavator arrives and starts digging to ensure that it is done correctly and that everything runs smoothly.

Basic excavation can be completed within one day depending on the working conditions. Big fibreglass pools and jobs that require the reusing of soil may take longer.

Laser Dimensions will be double checked

Dimensions are always double-checked to ensure that the fibreglass pool is placed one hundred percent correctly.

Pump Station Channel for pipes to Swimming Pool

A channel is dug next to the swimming pool that leads to the pump station for all the pipes.

Positioning of Swimming Pool with use of a Crane

With careful planning, exact positioning and the use of a crane, we place the fibreglass pool in the correct position.

Lowering of swimming pool into the well prepared base

The fibreglass pool is then successfully lowered into the base that has been prepared.

Final adjustment to the Swimming Pool

The last alterations are made to the pool that is now grounded.

Refilling the Swimming Pool Area

Once all the plumbing work is finished, dirt that has been removed will be used to fill the area surrounding the pool. This takes approximately 4 hours subject to the size of the pool.

Filling the Swimming Pool

Once re-filling of the area around the pool has been completed it is time to check for leaks in the pool.

Preparations for the Steel Reinforced Structural Bond Beam

A steel strengthened fundamental bond beam is prepped alongside the outside of the pool.

Pouring of the Fundamental Concrete Bond Beam.

A fundamental concrete bond beam is then poured alongside the pool.

Paving surrounding the Swimming Pool

As a finishing touch to the fibreglass pool paving stones are placed around the pool.

Landscaping your Swimming Pool

To complete the landscape around your pool you can make use of water features, benches, plants and comfortable but stylish deck chairs to give the area a comfortable, complete feel. There is so much you can do to create your own Eden.

Quality Pools has many years of experience in pools and we can assist you in creating that perfect oasis that you have always wanted, with no hassles.

Call one of the experts in pool construction Johannesburg or Pretoria today for your obligation free quotation.

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